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Why the rise of the Right is inevitable

17 02 2017 | 08:Feb 3 #1

Globalisation and free-market capitalism has led (as James Goldsmith foresaw out in the 9/politicss) to the deprecation of the western worker. Unfathomably cheap goods and rising asset prices (particularly property) have dulled the effect, enriching the baby boomer generations beyond what they could have ever imagined - but this mask cannot hold forever.

As the east continues to make ever more labour available, and automation increasingly makes labour irrelevant, the near-monarchistic financial glory felt by the majority in the western world will begin to crack. Indeed, it has - with resurgent inflation and the law of diminishing returns from money printing & debt overheating the powerful but fragile economic engine.

And what happens when things go wrong? Unless we are smart, we blame others. Are those baby-boomers who sit on £5/politics/politics,/politics/politics/politics of assets going to feel favourably about anyone that points out their part-time job as a postman shouldn't really have reaped such rewards? No, they will listen to the strong voice that blames the polish coming in, or the chinese for manipulating us (with all their pesky cheap goods), or liberals for forcing change when things used to be good.

Optimistically I hope that Trump is the last death-throes of a dying historical convervatism built on protection from other races/genders/sexualities. But thinking about it, this bizarre sociopath marks but the start.

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Hip Hop Documentary

16 02 2017 | 14:Feb 1 #1

First thoughts: make it alright.
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The End Game is starting in Silicon Valley

06 02 2017 | 10:Feb 3 #1

One of the most unexpected and fascinating outcomes of John Calhoun's experiments with rats is the separate class of "Beautiful Ones" which emerges as chaos and despair engulf an increasingly overcrowded rat colony that started as a utopia. These Beautiful Ones refrain from sex, and do not enter the fighting fray, instead retreating to immaculately groom themselves. The outlast the mobs, and their emergence in repeat studies is the pre-cursor to the population dwindling, eventually dying out altogether since the beautiful remaining rats never revert to fighting or reproduction.

This came immediately to mind when I read this story about the decline of sexual activity in Silicon Valley - who seem destined to form one of the last groups to be replaced by the powers of automation / globalisation.

Further reading/viewing:

Why Common Sense Isn't Common

30 01 2017 | 12:Jan 1 #1

One person's common sense is different to another's... the term is simply shorthand for your own prejudices; usually that you are not aware of as prejudices. For example, "You should close your borders to stop terrorists coming it - it's common sense" or "It's common sense that relationships should be between men and women" or "It's common sense that if more people had guns to take down a shooter, less people would get shot" etc.

This is why one should always be wary as soon as "Common Sense" is stated as justification... it says "I have no real justification, other than my own feeling on it".

Also good to be aware of this if you ever find yourself using the phrase.

I know...

01 03 2017 | 10:Mar 3 #1

...let's get loads of rich, white men to decide whether poor people get healthcare OR they get tax cuts

The unsolvable dichotomy of the right - they LOVE protectionism AND freedom of companies/individuals to do what they want

25 02 2017 | 22:Feb 3 #1

Those goals clash wildly, as even noted by Convervatives: http://www.nationalreview.com/g-file

Trumpism is a Cult

25 02 2017 | 22:Feb 3 #1

...whose followers do not care for facts that don't fit with what they want to hear. They are no different to flat-earthers (or other extreme religious followers) who are already used to accepting lies and rebutting truth that would cause their world view or concept of self to break.

A super fab reason to ditch Facebook & Twitter

21 02 2017 | 07:Feb 1 #1


McCain: Trump’s attacks on press are 'how dictators get started'

18 02 2017 | 20:Feb 1 #1