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13 03 2017 | 11:Mar 1 #1

- No-one else can post to your reserved userTag pile
- You can't claim a userTag if that pile has more than 5 entries in it already (without BT;LT approval)
- Reserved piles (or those with > 5 entries) can be bought

- All piles constructed by server
- Thoughts in local storage used in preference of server content
- Own posts editable. Saves to local storage every x secs. Saves to server on "Save" whereupon moves to top and purged from local storage (simple page reload?)
- Comments (thoughts on thoughts) only stored on server - can be disabled
- You can "follow" any person or pile. Follow btn at top of every page (except /me)

- Margin notes (always specific to you, but can be written against anyone's big thoughts?). Idea: comment using margin notes; when someone highlights your reply it "adds them" to the original
- Different "levels" of friendship: 
- "Likes" maybe later
- Multi-user docs... maybe shared (private) piles (added to usertag list)
- "Allow comments" is an option

Why Common Sense Isn't Common

30 01 2017 | 12:Jan 1 #1

One person's common sense is different to another's... the term is simply shorthand for your own prejudices; usually that you are not aware of as prejudices. For example, "You should close your borders to stop terrorists coming it - it's common sense" or "It's common sense that relationships should be between men and women" or "It's common sense that if more people had guns to take down a shooter, less people would get shot" etc.

This is why one should always be wary as soon as "Common Sense" is stated as justification... it says "I have no real justification, other than my own feeling on it".

Also good to be aware of this if you ever find yourself using the phrase.

America just lost their moral authority

29 01 2017 | 10:Jan 1 #1

All empires fall eventually. We will be able to trace the end of the US's global dominance to this point - the point where they gave up the moral high ground

Black & White is a coping strategy

29 01 2017 | 10:Jan 1 #1

The mind is always trying to convince us that the world is a simpler, more understandable place. Despite our protestations, we stereotype all the time - it is the only way our limited intellects can cope with the complexities of the world.

Hardly any decisions we make are based on a dispassionate assessment of facts or stats - we feel things. And I'm not just talking about those we consider less intelligent - the populists, the sheep - we are all readily persuadable as even smarter people don't make probability calculations in everyday life.

So what can we do if we don't wish to be part of the prejudiced throng - we can't stop our minds making simplifications ourselves? We can acknowledge WHERE we are making simplifications and honestly state so. There is nothing more terrifying than someone who makes a simplication on a sixpence as a means of coping but who then zealously defends it for fear they won't be able to cope if it might turn out to be wrong (or simply more complicated).


"To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle."

10 03 2017 | 20:Mar 1 #1

George Orwell


10 03 2017 | 12:Mar 1 #1

Have to agree with /JayZ on this one 

/music /radio

/TRUMP is honest

01 03 2017 | 10:Mar 1 #1

...in one way - he does not couch what he says, lacking the intellect to think things through. And that means he makes stuff up that is patently false - but he believes it

A super fab reason to ditch Facebook & Twitter

21 02 2017 | 07:Feb 1 #1


McCain: Trump’s attacks on press are 'how dictators get started'

18 02 2017 | 20:Feb 1 #1